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Welcome from the Director!


The St. Croix Regional Technical Center (SCRTC) is dedicated to providing first class occupational preparation for the high school students of Eastern Washington County. SCRTC offers students from Calais, Eastport, and Woodland high schools an opportunity to gain entry level, employable skills in several career and technical education (CTE) areas while still in high school. A student can complete a CTE program while still gaining strong academic preparation. For example, a student planning to enter a health field profession such as nursing or X-ray technology can take algebra, chemistry, and other required admission courses in the morning and still have time to take the Certified Nursing Assistant program in the afternoon. This would provide a student with first-hand exposure to the hospital setting.

Skills gained in all of our trade areas could be used in preparation for post-secondary education, in pursuit of a life-long career, as a skill to help you find work to pay for other educational or training endeavors, or simply as knowledge to use in doing work for yourself or your family.

I hope the information provided on this website will be helpful in planning for your future working career.

Bob Moholland

Director, SCRTC             

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The mission of Career and Technical Education, as part of the educational system in Maine, is to ensure that students acquire the high-quality technical skills that will prepare them for post-secondary education and entry into an ever-changing workplace and society and meet the rigorous academic standards of the Common Core Standards.


  • The learning and development needs of students govern educational decisions.

  • All students benefit from an integrated system of academic and applied learning based on rigorous expectations and standards, throughout their school experience.

  • All students and teachers place the highest priority on students' attainment of literacy at levels that will serve them throughout their lives as productive citizens and lifelong learners.

  • Rigorous data analysis drives educational decisions and resource allocation and contributes to continuous improvement.

  • A partnership between education (K-16) and business and industry enriches both sectors and enhances all students' educational experience.


The staff of St. Croix Regional Technical Center will provide students a learning environment that utilizes the latest industry standards in which everyone can increase their knowledge and skills to the best of their individual abilities.


  • Prepare students for further education and employment in current and emerging occupations and technologies.

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to develop interpersonal skills and attitudes that will allow them to become productive workers and contributing citizens.

  • Expand student aspirations and ensure access and equal opportunity to all students.

  • Create an educational environment which encourages and supports high expectations.

 SCRTC staff constantly strives to:

  • Implement a curriculum that is responsive to the changing needs of industry and benchmarked to the Common Core Standards and to national program standards.

  • Utilize a teaching learning process that is responsive to the individual learning styles and needs of all students.

  • Implement an assessment process that documents and validates student learning and encourages and supports student self-assessment with the ultimate goal of improving student achievement.

  • Provide a wide-range of program options that represent current and emerging technologies and occupations.

  • Establish and maintain a positive, symbiotic relationship with business and industry with the ultimate goal of expanding economic development opportunities for all industries.

  • Provide opportunities for all students to validate and expand career and occupational choices.